Sigmund & The Land Beyond

Everyone thought that the reclusive Esme Muldoon was crazy, because she told amazing stories of her travels to magical lands. But, eleven year-old Liam O'Conner secretly believed that his great aunt Esme was telling the truth. Of course he couldn't admit this to anybody, or they would think he was crazy too. Find out more in Sigmund & The Land Beyond, an exciting new novel by Michelle K. McClure!

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About Me

Sigmund and the Land Beyond is Michelle McClure’s first novel. The story developed during a particularly long road trip between California and Oregon, as Michelle sought to entertain her young family with a story about a mystical dragon, based on the family’s beloved German Shepherd, Sigmund Freud. Michelle created a magical land inspired by the rugged landscape of southwestern Oregon and her parents’ farm in rural Amity, Oregon. Michelle is currently working on a sequel.
Michelle McClure lives in California with her husband, their three children and Olaf, the Labradoodle. In addition to being an author, she is also a practicing trial attorney in Portland, Oregon. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys horseback riding, scuba diving, white sand beaches, and warm, tropical oceans.